• Trent as Jake
  • Lindsay as Rose
  • Shawn as Spud
  • Owen as Fu Dog
  • Leshawna as Trixie
  • Dawn as Aunt Patchouli Long
  • Leonard as Nigel Thrall
  • Alejandro as Hans Rotwood
  • Cody as Greggy
  • Scott as Thad Rochefort Chaise
  • Bridgette as Marnie Lockjelly
  • Devin as Brad Morton
  • Ella as Tooth Fairy
  • Harold as Fred Nerk
  • Rodney as Brocomus 
  • Jacques as Eli Pandarus

Voice Cast

  • Dante Basco- Trent
  • Mae Whitman- Lindsay
  • Charlie Finn- Shawn
  • John DiMaggio- Owen
  • Miss Kittie- Leshawna
  • Wendie Malick- Dawn
  • Adam Wylie- Leonard/Harold
  • Paul Rugg- Alejandro
  • Will Friedle- Cody
  • Rob Paulsen- Scott
  • Paige Moss- Bridgette
  • Matthew Todd Nolan- Devin
  • Edie McClurg- Ella
  • Dee Bradley Baker- Rodney
  • Jonathan Freeman- Jacques

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