• Bridgette as Belle
  • Harold as Beast/Prince Adam
  • Rodney as Gaston (Rodney and Gaston are Both Handsome and Very Muscular, Alejandro can't be Gaston, Alejandro is Smart and Gaston is Dumb,)
  • Scott as LeFou
  • Lindsay, Dakota and Sierra as the Triplets
  • Don as Maurice (Chris can't be Maurice: Chris is evil and Maurice is good)
  • DJ as the Maurice’s Contraption
  • Trent as Lumiere
  • Owen as Cogsworth
  • Ella as Mrs Potts
  • Cody as Chip
  • LeShawna as the Wardrobe
  • Gwen as Fifi
  • Sam as the Coatrack
  • Noah as Sultan
  • Eva as the Hag
  • Heather as the Enchantress
  • Chef as Chef (a.k.a The Stove)
  • Jacques as Monsieur D'Arque

User:NotReadyIma's Gender Flip:

  • Sam as Belle
  • Dakota as the Beast
  • Heather as Gaston
  • Lindsay or Beth as Lefou
  • Anne Maria as Lumiere
  • Mike as Fifi
  • Staci as Cogsworth
  • Justin as the Wardrobe
  • Leonard as the Enchantress
  • Blaineley as Monsieur D'Arque

ilikeamazon's remix:

  • Lindsay as Belle
  • Ollie (T.U.F.F. Puppy) / Tyler as the Beast/Prince
  • Alejandro as Gaston
  • Max as Lefou
  • Dwayne as Maurice
  • Spike (MLP: FiM) / Cody as Lumiere
  • Rarity (MLP: FiM) / Sierra as the Feather Duster
  • Junior as Chip
  • Heather, Taylor and Amy as the Bimbettes

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