Version 1

  • Tyler as Bob (Not Brick, Bob is handsome and Brick is ugly.)
  • Bridgette as Linda
  • Izzy as Louise
  • Gwen as Tina (Cameron can't be Tina. Cameron is a male and Tina is a female.)
  • Owen as Gene
  • DJ as Teddy

Version 2

  • Tyler as Bob (reprisal)
  • Lindsay as Linda (Since she likes Tyler. Plus, Linda and Lindsay have similar-sounding names)
  • Izzy as Louise (reprisal)
  • Beth as Tina (They're both wearing glasses)
  • Owen as Gene (reprisal)
  • Brady as Jimmy Jr.
  • Courtney as Tammy (both are female villains)

Version 3

  • Shawn as Bob Belcher
  • Ella as Linda Belcher
  • Samey as Louise Belcher
  • Jasmine as Tina Belcher
  • Dave as Gene Belcher
  • Sugar as Tammy (Sugar made a blammy!)

Version 4

  • Chris as Bob
  • Emma as Linda
  • Trent as Louise (genderbent role)
  • Owen as Gene
  • Courtney as Louise

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