Version 1

  • Gwen as Ginger (Gwen and Ginger are both Their names begins with "G")
  • Trent as Rocky (Trent and Rocky Rhodes are both Love Interests to Gwen and Ginger)
  • Ella as Babs (Ella and Babs are both Sweet-Hearted and Good-Natured)
  • MacArthur as Bunty (MacArthur and Bunty are both Tough)
  • Emma as Mac (Emma and Mac are both Geniuses)
  • Brick as Fowler
  • Noah as Nick
  • Owen as Fletcher
  • Jacques as Mr. Willard Tweedy (Jacques and Mr. Willard Tweedy are both Henpecked)
  • Josee as Mrs. Melisha Tweedy (Josee and Mrs. Melisha Tweedy are both Wearing Pink and Purple, both have Raven-Hair and Blue Eyeshadows)

Version 2 (by AshKetchumInitialDHero)

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  • Carrie as Ginger
  • Jasmine as Bunty
  • Kitty as Babs
  • Bridgette as Mac
  • Devin as Rocky
  • Rodney as Fowler
  • Shawn as Nick
  • Sam as Fetcher
  • Jacques as Mr. Willard Tweedy
  • Josee as Mrs. Melisha Tweedy