Total Drama/Disney Love

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Francis.)

Attention niels epting WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. (See SP:CAST)


  • Dawn as Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  • Lindsay as Cinderella (Cinderella)
  • Zoey as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Bridgette as Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
  • Courtney as Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Katie as Jasmine (Aladdin)
  • Jo as Mulan (Mulan)
  • Sierra as Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Izzy as Anna (Frozen)


  • B as The Prince (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
  • Tyler as Prince Charming (Cinderella)
  • Mike as Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Geoff as Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)
  • Duncan as Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Noah as Aladdin (Aladdin)
  • Brick as Shang (Mulan)
  • Cody as Flynn Rider (Tangled)
  • Owen as Kristoff (Frozen)

Version 2

  • Ella as Snow White
  • Bridgette as Cinderella
  • Gwen as Wendy Darling
  • Lindsay as Aurora
  • Carrie as Eilonwy
  • Zoey as Ariel
  • Ellody as Belle
  • Jasmine as Jasmine
  • Sanders as Nala
  • Crimson as Sally Finklestein-Skellington
  • Sky as Pocahontas
  • Courtney as Megara
  • Heather as Mulan
  • Jen as Kida
  • Kitty as Lilo Pelekai
  • Leshawna as Tiana
  • Sierra as Rapunzel (Not Samey, she is wearing red and Sierra is wearing purple.)
  • Jo as Merida
  • Izzy as Anna
  • Trent as The Prince
  • Geoff as Prince Charming
  • Duncan as Peter Pan
  • Tyler as Prince Phillip
  • Devin as Taran
  • Mike as Prince Eric
  • Lorenzo as Prince Adam/The Beast
  • Shawn as Aladdin (Not Noah)
  • Ennui as Jack Skellington
  • DJ as Simba
  • Dave as John Smith
  • Justin as Hercules
  • Alejandro as Shang
  • Tom as Milo Thatch
  • Mickey as Stitch
  • Harold as Naveen
  • Cody as Flynn Rider
  • Rodney as Wreck-it-Ralph
  • Owen as Kristoff
  • Cameron as Hiro Hamada

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