File:Queen Chrysalis ID S5E26 - Rus.png

Dawn and The Evil Queen parody cast:

  • Dawn as The Evil Queen
  • Ella as Snow White
  • Trent as The Prince
  • Harold as Doc
  • Scott as Grumpy
  • Owen as Happy
  • Cameron as Sleepy
  • Rodney as Bashful
  • Leonard as Sneezy
  • Cody as Dopey
  • Max as The Magic Mirror

Courtney and Lady Tremaine parody cast:

  • Courtney as Lady Tremaine
  • Samey as Anastasia Tremaine
  • Amy as Drizella Tremaine
  • Bridgette as Cinderella
  • Geoff as Prince Charming
  • Rodney as The King
  • Shawn as The Grand Duke
  • Cody as Jaq
  • Cameron as Gus

Sugar and The Queen of Hearts parody cast:

  • Sugar as The Queen of Hearts
  • Leonard as The King of Hearts
  • Dave as The White Rabbit
  • Dawn as Alice
  • Noah as The March Hare
  • Cody as The Dormouse
  • Geoff as The Mad Hatter
  • Rodney as The Cheshire Cat
  • Amy as Tweedledee (I Know Amy is Female)
  • Samey as Tweedledum (I Know Samey is Female)
  • Duncan as The Doorknob (Duncan can't be The Cheshire Cat, Duncan is Mean and The Cheshire Cat is Nice)

Trent and Captain James Hook parody cast:

  • Trent as Captain James Hook
  • Harold as Mr. Smee
  • Dave as Peter Pan
  • Ella as Wendy Darling
  • Cameron as John Darling
  • Cody as Michael Darling
  • Rodney as George Darling
  • Jasmine as Mary Darling
  • Dawn as Tinker Bell
  • Sky as Tiger Lily
  • Noah as Slightly
  • Owen as Cubby
  • Geoff as Nibs
  • Amy and Samey as Twins (I Know Amy and Samey are Females)
  • Scott as Tootles

Amy and Samey and Si and Am parody cast:

  • Amy as Si
  • Samey as Am
  • Staci as Aunt Sarah
  • Beardo as The Rat
  • Gwen as Lady
  • Trent as Tramp
  • Sam as Jock
  • Brick as Trusty
  • Rodney as Tony
  • Scott as Joe
  • Geoff as Jim Dear
  • Bridgette as Darling

Gwen and Maleficent parody cast:

  • Gwen as Maleficent
  • Lindsay as Princess Aurora
  • Tyler as Prince Phillip
  • Zoey as Flora
  • Dawn as Fauna
  • Sky as Merryweather
  • Rodney as King Hubert

Heather and Cruella De Vil parody cast:

  • Heather as Cruella De Vil
  • Owen and Noah as Horace and Jasper
  • Trent as Roger
  • Gwen as Anita
  • Beth as Nanny
  • Mike as Pongo
  • Zoey as Perdita

Sierra and Madam Mim parody cast:

  • Sierra as Madam Mim
  • Harold as Merlin
  • Cody as Wart/Arthur
  • Noah as Archimedes
  • Rodney as Sir Ector

Tyler and Shere Khan parody cast:

  • Tyler as Shere Khan
  • Ezekiel as Kaa
  • Trent as Mowgli
  • Rodney as Baloo
  • Dave as Bagheera
  • Brick as Colonel Hathi
  • Sky as Winifred
  • Topher as King Louie
  • Mike as Akela
  • Zoey as Rashta
  • Cody as Hathi Jr.
  • Harold as Buzzie
  • Owen as Flaps (Owen can't be Baloo, Owen is Not Tall)
  • Leonard as Ziggy
  • Noah as Dizzy
  • Ella as Shanti

Ezekiel and Prince John parody cast:

  • Ezekiel as Prince John
  • Noah as Sir Hiss
  • Trent as Robin Hood
  • Gwen as Maid Marian
  • Rodney as Little John
  • Leshawna as Lady Cluck

Izzy and Madame Medusa parody cast:

  • Izzy as Madame Medusa
  • Owen as Mr. Snoops
  • Zoey as Penny
  • Trent as Bernard
  • Gwen as Miss Bianca

Shawn and The Horned King parody cast:

  • Shawn as The Horned King
  • Trent as Taran
  • Gwen as Princess Eilonwy

Cameron and Professor Ratigan parody cast:

  • Cameron as Professor Ratigan
  • Noah as Basil
  • Beth as Olivia Flaversham

Leshawna and Ursula parody cast:

  • Leshawna as Ursula
  • Zoey as Ariel
  • Mike as Prince Eric
  • Rodney as Sebastian
  • Cody as Flounder

Rodney and Gaston parody cast:

  • Rodney as Gaston
  • Beth as Belle
  • Duncan as The Beast
  • Scott as LeFou
  • Noah as Lumiere
  • Owen as Cogsworth
  • Sadie as Mrs. Potts
  • Cody as Chip
  • Katie as Babette
  • Leshawna as The Wardrobe
  • Amy, Samey, and Ella as The Bimbettes
  • Chris as Monsieur D'Arque (Not Justin)

Alejandro and Jafar parody cast:

  • Alejandro as Jafar
  • Noah as Iago
  • Shawn as Aladdin
  • Jasmine as Jasmine
  • Rodney as The Genie

Owen and Oogie Boogie parody cast:

  • Owen as Oogie Boogie
  • Harold as Santa Claus
  • Trent as Jack Skellington
  • Gwen as Sally

Mike and Scar parody cast:

  • Mike as Scar
  • Courtney as Shenzi
  • Duncan as Banzai
  • Ezekiel as Ed
  • Trent as Simba
  • Gwen as Nala
  • Dawn as Sarabi
  • Topher as Timon
  • Rodney as Pumbaa

Dave and Governor Ratcliffe parody cast:

  • Dave as Governor Ratcliffe
  • Brick as John Smith
  • Sky as Pocahontas

Noah and Judge Claude Frollo parody cast:

  • Noah as Judge Claude Frollo
  • Geoff as Captain Phoebus
  • Bridgette as Esmeralda
  • Sam as Quasimodo

Duncan and Hades parody cast:

  • Duncan as Hades
  • Trent as Hercules
  • Gwen as Megara

Silent B and Shan Yu parody cast:

  • Silent B as Shan Yu
  • Heather as Mulan
  • Alejandro as Shang
  • DJ as Mushu
  • Owen as Chien-Po
  • Noah as Ling
  • Duncan as Yao

Justin and Clayton parody cast:

  • Justin as Clayton 
  • Zoey as Jane
  • Mike as Tarzan
  • Harold as Professor Arcamedies Porter
  • Leshawna as Terk
  • Owen as Tantor
  • Staci as Kala
  • Noah as Kerchak

Scarlett and Yzma parody cast:

  • Scarlett as Yzma
  • Max as Kronk
  • Noah as Kuzco
  • Geoff as Pacha

Leonard and Dr. Jacques Von Hämsterviel parody cast:

  • Leonard as Dr. Jacques Von Hämsterviel
  • Lightning as Captain Gantu
  • Zoey as Lilo
  • Mike as Stitch

Scott and Alameda Slim parody cast:

  • Scott as Alameda Slim
  • Gwen as Maggie
  • Ella as Mrs. Calloway
  • Lindsay as Grace

DJ and Dr. Facilier parody cast:

  • DJ as Dr. Facilier
  • Owen as Lawrence
  • Harold as Prince Naveen
  • Leshawna as Princess Tiana
  • Rodney as Louis
  • Beardo as Ray
  • Jo as Mama Odie

Ella and Mother Gothel parody cast:

  • Ella as Mother Gothel
  • Sierra as Rapunzel
  • Cody as Flynn Rider

Max and King Candy/Turbo parody cast:

  • Max as King Candy/Turbo
  • Dakota as Taffyta Muttonfudge
  • Lindsay as Candlehead
  • Rodney as Wreck-It Ralph
  • Brick as Fix-It Felix Jr.
  • Jo as Sergeant Calhoun
  • Ella as Vanellope Von Schweetz

Topher and Prince Hans parody cast:

  • Topher as Prince Hans
  • Gwen as Queen Elsa
  • Izzy as Princess Anna
  • Rodney as Kristoff
  • Cody as Olaf

Dwayne and Yo-Kai parody cast:

  • Dwayne as Yo-Kai
  • Noah as Hiro
  • Owen as Baymax
  • Gwen as Gogo
  • Trent as Wasabi
  • Geoff as Fred
  • Bridgette as Honey Lemon


  • Missing Villain Counterpart: Rodney

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