• Rodney as Donkey Kong
  • Cody as Diddy Kong
  • Harold as Cranky Kong
  • Samey as Candy Kong
  • Owen as Funky Kong
  • Sierra as Dixie Kong
  • Alejandro as King K. Rool
  • Scott as Krusha
  • Max as Klump
  • Kritters as Themselves
  • Klaptraps as Themselves
  • Justin as Bluster Kong
  • DJ as Junior the Giant Klaptrap
  • Duncan as Kaptain Skurvy
  • Amy and Scarlett as Kutlass & Green Kroc
  • Cameron as Polly Roger the Parrot
  • Dave as Baby Kong
  • Tyler as Robot Candy Clone
  • Owen as Kong Fu
  • Bear as Eddie the Mean Old Yeti
  • Trent as Inka Dinka Doo
  • Geoff as Robot Kong

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