Make your dreams come true, you'll see fantasy, magic can happen to you.


  • Courtney as Bulma
  • Cody as Goku
  • Geoff as Trunks
  • Chris McLean as Master Roshi
  • Cameron as Krillin
  • Rodney as King Cutel
  • Sierra as Chichi
  • Trent as Yamcha
  • Katie as Bra
  • Tyler as Gohan
  • Sadie as Pan
  • Duncan as Vegeta
  • DJ as King Kai
  • Don as Piccolo
  • Harold as Tenshihan
  • Noah as Yajibrode
  • Lightning as Nappa
  • Blaineley as Raditz (I know Blaineley is female)
  • Max as Frieza
  • Alejandro as Captain Ginyu
  • Sam as Goten
  • Scott as Cell
  • Owen as Mr. Satan
  • Lindsay as Videl
  • Ezekiel as Majin Buu
  • Bear as Super Buu
  • Mutant Ezekiel as Kid Buu
  • Topher as Bardock
  • Dawn as Android 18
  • Justin as Android 17
  • Mal as Broly

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