• Trent as Marlin
  • Gwen as Coral
  • Cody as Nemo
  • Ella as Pearl
  • Brick as Mr. Ray
  • Lindsay as Dory
  • Max as Bruce
  • Scott and Justin as Anchor and Chum
  • Duncan as The Dentist
  • Scarlett as Darla
  • Dawn as Peach
  • Sierra as Deb
  • Owen as Bubbles
  • Rodney as Bloat
  • Noah as Gurgle
  • Mike as Gill
  • Harold as Jacques
  • Geoff as Crush
  • Shawn as Squirt
  • Leonard as Nigel

Voice cast

  • Albert Brooks-Trent
  • Elizabeth Perkins-Gwen
  • Alexander Gould-Cody
  • Ellen DeGeneres-Lindsay
  • Barry Humphries-Max
  • Bill Hunter-Duncan
  • LuLu Ebeling-Scarlett
  • Allison Janney-Dawn
  • Vicki Lewis-Sierra
  • Stephen Root-Owen
  • Brad Garrett-Rodney
  • Willem Dafoe-Mike
  • Joe Ranft-Harold
  • Andrew Stanton-Geoff
  • Geoffrey Rush-Leonard

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