• Sierra as Freddi Fish
  • Cody as Luther
  • Harold as Al B. Core
  • Cameron as Casey
  • Mike as Clyde
  • Duncan as Dadfish
  • Beth as Babyfish
  • Lindsay as Donna
  • Leonard as Earl
  • Leshawna as Grandma Grouper
  • Zoey as Gillian Barker
  • Ella as Kipper
  • Rodney as Kit Craftsman
  • Scott as Laren
  • Sugar as Marge the Sarge
  • Max as Marty Sardini
  • Owen as Marty's Dogfish
  • Trent as Mayor Marlin
  • Dave as Nick
  • Izzy as Officer Beverly
  • B as Rollo
  • Little Fish (from Bubble Guppies) as Tetras
  • Lightning as Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine
  • Alejandro as Jawfish

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