Total Drama/Garfield

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Mapower211)

  • DJ as Garfield
  • Chris McLean as Jon
  • Owen as Odie
  • Leshawna as Arlene
  • Trent as Orson
  • Noah as Bo
  • Rodney as Roy
  • Tyler as Wade
  • Gwen as Penilupe
  • Geoff as Edward R. Furrow
  • Sierra as Lanolin
  • Ella as Cloe
  • Justin as The Weasel

Version 2 (by Scoobybay26)

  • Trent as Garfield
  • Tyler as Jon Arbuckle
  • Mike as Odie
  • Leshawna as Arlene
  • Cameron as Nermal
  • Geoff as Floyd
  • Owen as Orson
  • Rodney as Roy (Rodney and Roy both begin with "R")
  • Cody as Booker
  • Dave as Sheldon
  • Noah as Bo
  • Sierra as Lanolin
  • Staci as Chloe
  • Gwen as Penelope
  • Max as Mort
  • Justin as Gort
  • Topher as Wart
  • Scott as The Weasel

Version 3

  • Trent as Garfield
  • Tyler as Jon Arbuckle
  • Lindsay as Dr. Liz Wilson 
  • Mike as Odie
  • Cody as Nermal
  • Gwen as Arlene
  • Noah as Louis
  • DJ as Luca
  • Rodney as Persnikitty
  • Ella as Mrs. Baker
  • Owen as Christopher Mello
  • Duncan as Happy Chapman

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