• Duncan as Finn
  • Gwen as Rachel (Not Courtney, Rachel is a heroine and Courtney is a villainess.)
  • Leshawna as Tina
  • Jasmine as Mercedes
  • Cody or Noah (take your pick for this one) as Kurt
  • Harold as Artie Abrams
  • Geoff as Sam Evans
  • Trent as Ryder Lynn
  • Brick as Puck
  • Beth as Becky Jackson
  • Chris as Will Schuester
  • Jo as Sue Sylvester (Jo and Sue Sylvester are both Mean and Bossy Athletic Tomboys)
  • Topher as Blaine Anderson
  • Zoey as Kitty Wilde
  • Courtney as Bree (fittingly)
  • Bridgette as Quinn Fabray
  • Lindsay as Brittany Pierce
  • Heather as Santana Lopez

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