• Trent as Hercules
  • Mike as Icarus
  • Dawn as Cassandra
  • Alejandro as Adonis
  • Owen as Zeus
  • Izzy as Hera
  • Gwen as Megara
  • Duncan as Hades
  • Chris as Mr. Parenthses
  • Cody as Alexander the Great
  • Eva as Brutus
  • Cameron as Phillip
  • Lightning as King Arismap
  • Ryan as Orion
  • Geoff as Alectryon
  • Dakota as Nemesis
  • Brick as Agamemnon
  • Heather as Gaia
  • Harold as Thessaly Citizen
  • Ezekiel as Phanatos
  • Bridgette as Artemis
  • Ella as Aphrodite
  • Rodney as Hephaestus
  • Noah as Morpheus
  • Zoey as Andromeda
  • Crimson as Electra
  • Zoey as Hestia
  • Samey as Athena
  • Tom as Hermes
  • Sam as Poseidon
  • Dwayne as Dionysus
  • Sugar as Demeter
  • Leonard as Ares
  • Scott as Apollo

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