• Alejandro as Loki
  • Justin as Thanos
  • Heather as Enchantress
  • Zoey as Mystique
  • Scott as Magneto
  • Silent B as Kingpin
  • Bridgette as Morgan Le Fay
  • Topher as Dracula
  • Brick as Dr. Doom
  • Cameron as Bullseye
  • Harold as Doctor Octopus
  • Duncan as Venom
  • Geoff as Electro
  • Max as Egghead
  • Cody as Molecule Man
  • Sierra as Volcana
  • Mike as Melter
  • Eva as Red She Hulk 
  • Lightning as Red Hulk 
  • Jo as Screaming Mimi 
  • Sam as Baron Zemo 
  • Jasmine as Baroness Blood
  • Shawn as Living Laser
  • Scarlett as Black Cat
  • Ezekiel as Mysterio 
  • Leonard as Wizard
  • Dakota as Ferocia
  • Lindsay as Nebula
  • Dave as Ronan the Accuser
  • Tyler as Batroc the Leaper
  • Rodney as Rhino 

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