• Tyler as Wildwing
  • Brick as Nosedive
  • Trent as Duke L'Orange
  • Courtney as Mallory McMallard
  • Gwen as Tanya
  • DJ as Grin
  • Cody as Canard
  • Chris as Phil Palmfeather
  • Duncan as Lord Dragaunus
  • Lightning as Siege
  • Justin as Chameleon
  • Alejandro as Wraith
  • Rodney as Dr. Pretorious
  • Heather as Lucretia DeCoy
  • Max as Dr. Droid
  • Scarlett as Trina 
  • Dave as Dr. Swindle

Voice Cast

  • Ian Ziering- Tyler
  • Steve Mackall- Brick
  • Jeff Bennett- Trent
  • Jennifer Hale- Courtney
  • April Winchell- Gwen
  • Brad Garrett- DJ
  • Townsend Coleman- Cody
  • James Belushi- Chris
  • Tim Curry- Duncan
  • Clancy Brown- Lightning
  • Frank Welker- Justin
  • Tony Jay- Alejandro
  • Matt Frewer- Rodney
  • Kath Soucie- Heather
  • Charles Adler- Max 
  • Tress MacNielle- Scarlett
  • Rob Paulsen- Dave

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