• Tyler as Kermit/Captain Smollett
  • Lindsay as Miss Piggy/Benjimina Gunn
  • Dwayne Sr. as Fozzie/Squire Trelawney
  • Sam as Gonzo 
  • Cameron as Rizzo
  • Dwayne Junior as Jim Hawkins
  • Brick as Sam the Eagle/Samuel Arrow
  • Chris as Long John Silver
  • Scott as Polly Lobster
  • Lightning as Clueless Morgan
  • Alejandro as Mad Monty
  • Max as Angel Marie
  • Jacques as Calico
  • Chester as Old Tom
  • Justin as Jacques Roach
  • Rodney as Sweetums
  • Ezekiel as Black-Eyed Pea
  • Owen as Billy Bones
  • Cody as Floyd Pepper
  • Sierra as Janice
  • Rock as Animal
  • Spud as Dr. Teeth 
  • Beardo as Zoot 
  • Leshawna as Mrs. Bluveridge
  • Gerry and Pete as Statler and Waldorf/Figureheads of the Hispaniola

And More

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