• Tyler as Kermit
  • Lindsay as Miss Piggy
  • Alejandro as Constantine
  • Harold as Scooter
  • Duncan as Animal
  • Cody as Walter
  • Owen as Fozzie Bear
  • Noah as Gonzo
  • Trent as Floyd
  • Gwen as Janice
  • Geoff as Dr. Teeth
  • DJ as Zoot
  • Cameron as Bunsen
  • Sam as Lew Zealand
  • Scott as Crazy Harry
  • Chris as Uncle Deadly
  • Chef as Beaker
  • Rapunzel(from Tangled) as Wanda
  • Flynn(from Tangled) as Wayne
  • Izzy as Marvin Suggs
  • Ezekiel as Josh Groban
  • Lightning as Beautiful Day Monster
  • Dakotazoid as Sweetums
  • Carl Carlson(from The Simpsons) as Beauregard
  • Ollie Williams(from Family Guy) as Bobo
  • Dewey Largo(from The Simpsons) as Nigel the Conductor
  • Kent Powers(from Quack Pack) as The Newsman
  • Adonis(from Hercules) as Link Hothgrob
  • Genie(from Aladdin) as Tony Bennett
  • Kuzco(from The Emperor's New Groove) as Pepe the King Prawn
  • Kronk(from The Emperor's New Groove) as The Swedish Chef
  • Beast(from Beauty and The Beast) as Sam the Eagle
  • Roger(from 101 Dalmatians) as Jean Pierre Napoleon
  • Anastasia(from Anastasia) as Nadya
  • Jafar(from Aladdin) as Dominic Badguy
  • Kristoff(from Frozen) as Ross Lynch
  • Esmerala(from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Salma Hayek
  • Anna(from Frozen) as Chloe Grace Moretz
  • Quasimodo(from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Frank Langella

GULAG Inmates

  • Clayton(from Tarzan) as Black Dog
  • Alameda Slim(from Home on The Range) as Blind Pew
  • Gaston(from Beauty and The Beast) as Calico
  • Shan Yu(from Mulan) as One Eyed Jack
  • Captain Hook(from Peter Pan) as Spotted Dick
  • King Candy(from Wreck-It Ralph) as Walleye Pike
  • Pete(from Mickey Mouse) as Angel Marie
  • McLeach(from The Rescuers Down Under) as Big Papa
  • Sykes(from Oliver & Company) as Danny Trejo
  • Abis Mal(from Aladdin: The Return of Jafar) as Prisoner 1
  • Stromboli(from Pinocchio) as Prison King
  • Cruella de Vil(from 101 Dalmatians) as Miss Poogy
  • Hans(from Frozen) as Blue Frackle
  • Dr. Calico(from Bolt) as Green Frackle
  • Dr. Facilier(from The Princess and The Frog) as JG


  • Working in The Coal Mine(featuring Gaston, Clayton, Alameda Slim, Cruella de Vil, Sykes, Cody, Duncan, and Owen)
  • Big House(featuring Tyler, Anastasia, and Pete)
  • I'm Number One(featuring Jafar and Alejandro)
  • Interrogation Song(featuring Roger, Beast, Alejandro, Lindsay, Sam, Geoff, Cameron, Kronk, Duncan, and Owen)
  • I'll Get What You Want(featuring Alejandro and Lindsay)
  • Together Again(featuring Tyler, Alejandro, Lindsay, Harold, Owen, Cody, Noah, Duncan, Clayton, Pete, Dewey Largo, Quasimodo, Captain Hook, Alameda Slim, King Candy, Gaston, Shan Yu, McLeach, Sykes, Abis Mal, Ezekiel, DJ, Geoff, Gwen, Trent, Chris, Cameron, Chef, Kronk, Scott, Sam, Flynn, Rapunzel, Izzy, Kuzco, Carl Carlson, Anastasia, Genie, Kristoff, Esmeralda, Anna, Dakotazoid, Stromboli, Dr. Facilier, Dr. Calico, Hans, Cruella de Vil, Adonis, and more)
  • and more


  • At a dead end after the success of their last film, Tyler(Kermit), Owen(Fozzie), Cody(Walter), Harold(Scooter), Lindsay(Miss Piggy), and Noah(Gonzo) find themselves in the now empty street and ponder what they should do next. A suggestion from Jafar(Dominic Badguy) gives Tyler(Kermit) a great idea to take their film all over the globe. Meanwhile, having had broken of out the gulag, disabling all the security systems, and knocking out the guards, Alejandro(Constantine) lets Jafar(Dominic Badguy) know he broke out and will be over shortly to meet him. At the same time, while Tyler(Kermit) goes for a walk to clear his thoughts, it turns into more than a walk, because Alejandro(Constantine) slaps his goatee on Tyler and sends him to the gulag in his place. Alejandro(Constantine) gets a not-so-warm welcome from everybody, including Duncan(Animal) and Lindsay(Miss Piggy). Jafar(Dominic Badguy) however was using the whole tour as his opportunity to plan thefts with Alejandro(Constantine) where no else can see them. Hot on their trail are Flynn(Jean Pierre Napoleon) and Beast(Sam the Eagle) who question everyone. Meanwhile, at the gulag, Tyler gets greeted by the person in charge of the gulag, Anastasia(Nadya), who introduces Tyler(Kermit) to the inmates who have ended up here, including McLeach(Big Papa), Sykes(Danny Trejo), Pete(Angel Marie), Shan-Yu(One-Eyed Jack), Gaston(Calico), Clayton(Black Dog), King Candy(Walleye Pike), Captain Hook(Spotted Dick), Ezekiel(Josh Groban), and Alameda Slim(Blind Pew). After ignoring her, Alejandro(Constantine) follows Jafar(Dominic Badguy)'s example and satisifies Lindsay(Miss Piggy)'s every need. After realizing that Alejandro(Constantine) is just pretending to be Tyler(Kermit), Duncan(Animal), Owen(Fozzie), and Cody(Walter) take the next course of action by going to the gulag in Russia to bust Tyler(Kermit) out through the use of a mining number. After successfully breaking out, Tyler(Kermit), Duncan(Animal), Owen(Fozzie), and Cody(Walter) don't have much time left to stop Alejandro(Constantine) from marrying Lindsay(Miss Piggy). The plan to keep Alejandro(Constantine) from marrying Lindsay(Miss Piggy) succeeds. After stopping Alejandro(Constantine), Anastasia(Nadya) shows up, upset about the events from earlier and almost sends Tyler(Kermit) back to the gulag, but changes her mind and invites Tyler(Kermit), Owen(Fozzie), Noah(Gonzo), Lindsay(Miss Piggy), Duncan(Animal), Harold(Scooter), and Cody(Walter) to the gulag for the final song even featuring the gulag inmates Captain Hook(Spotted Dick), Pete(Angel Marie), Alameda Slim(Blind Pew), Clayton(Black Dog), Sykes(Danny Trejo), McLeach(Big Papa), Ezekiel(Josh Groban), and Alejandro(Constantine)

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