• Mike as Kermit/Scarecrow
  • Dave as Scooter/Assistant to the Wizard
  • Owen as Fozzie Bear/Cowardly Lion
  • Sam as Gonzo/Tin Thing
  • Alejandro as Pepe/Toto
  • Pete and Gerry as Statler and Waldorf/Kadilah Critics
  • Chef as Sam the Eagle/Gate Guard
  • Chris as The Wizard
  • DJ as Clifford/Poppyfields Club Owner
  • Cameron as Rizzo/Mayor of Munchkinland
  • Heather as Miss Piggy/The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Lightning as Angel Marie
  • Max as Crazy Harry 
  • Rodney as Sweetums
  • Jacques as Calico
  • Scott as Black Dog
  • Justin as Spotted Dick 
  • Anne Maria as Aretha
  • Ezekiel as Old Tom 
  • Chet as Sal Minella
  • Lorenzo as Johnny Fiama 
  • Harold as Lew Zealand (cameo) 
  • Rock as Animal 
  • Spud as Dr. Teeth
  • Shawn as Floyd Pepper
  • Jasmine as Janice
  • Beardo as Zoot
  • Gwen as Zondra
  • Cody as Chip
  • Silent B as Bubba 
  • Ella as Miss Piggy/Tattypoo
  • Zoey as Miss Piggy/Glinda 
  • Blaineley as Miss Piggy/The Wicked Witch of the East
  • Emma as Dorothy
  • Duncan as Crow 
  • Don as Quentin Tarantino


  • Emma/Dorothy: Hold on Toto! 
  • Blaineley/Miss Piggy as The Wicked Witch of the East: *grunting* Could someone spot me? *house falls back down on her*
  • Ella/Miss Piggy as Tattypoo: Just follow this road to Emerald City
  • Mike/Kermit as Scarecrow: Oh this is the last straw! 
  • Duncan/Crow: Nah i see one right here! 
  • Mike/Kermit as Scarecrow: Hey! Stop that! 
  • Emma/Dorothy: We're on our way to meet the Wizard of Oz and he's going to make me a superstar singer
  • Mike/Kermit as Scarecrow: He's going to give me a brain
  • Alejandro/Pepe as Toto: Si, and he'll probably give me lots of moneys; h'okay?
  • Ella/Miss Piggy as Tattypoo: If she finds out you have the silver shoes, she'll hunt you down and pry em off your cold dead carcass
  • (Lightning, Scott, Lorenzo, Chet, Rodney, Max, Ezekiel, Jacques, and Justin all gasp in horror) 
  • Mike/Kermit as Scarecrow: You're all backwards
  • Sam/Gonzo as Tin Thing: I can see my rear end, i must be working out, eh? 
  • Chris/The Wizard: Your wizard is going to grant some wishes
  • Emma/Dorothy: You really want to grant my wish Wizard? Send me home
  • Sam/Gonzo as Tin Thing: Clear! 
  • Owen/Fozzie as Lion: What'd i miss? Ahh! (faints)

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