Generation 1 Cast

  • Trent as Noddy
  • Harold as Big Ears
  • Gwen as Tessie Bear
  • Geoff as Mr. Tubby Bear
  • Bridgette as Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Duncan as Master Tubby Bear
  • Tyler as Mr. Milko
  • Lindsay as Sally Skittle
  • Cody as Clockwork Mouse
  • Noah as Bert Monkey
  • Heather as Martha Monkey
  • Leshawna as Dinah Doll
  • Courtney as Miss Pink Cat
  • DJ as Mr. Sparks
  • Justin as Sammy Sailor
  • Owen as Mr. Noah
  • Izzy as Mrs. Noah
  • Ezekiel as Sly
  • Alejandro as Gobbo
  • Chef Hatchet as Father Christmas
  • Sierra as Mrs. Straw

Generation 2 Cast

  • Mike as Noddy
  • Cameron as Big Ears
  • Zoey as Tessie Bear
  • Brick as Mr. Plod
  • Jo as Martha Monkey
  • Dawn as Dinah Doll
  • Anne Maria as Miss Pink Cat
  • Sam as Mr. Straw
  • Dakota as Mrs. Straw
  • Lightning as Sly
  • Scott as Gobbo
  • B as Mr. Jumbo

Generation 3 Cast

  • Shawn as Noddy
  • Ella as Tessie Bear
  • Samey as Sally Skittle
  • Beardo as Mr. Wobbly Man
  • Rodney as Mr. Jumbo
  • Scarlett as Martha Monkey
  • Jasmine as Dinah Doll
  • Sugar as Miss Pink Cat
  • Leonard as Mr. Sparks
  • Topher as Sammy Sailor
  • Sky as Mrs. Noah
  • Dave as Sly
  • Max as Gobbo

Generation 4 Cast

  • Noah as Noddy (Both are Wearing Red, Both have Brown Hair, and Their Names Begin with the Letter "N")
  • Don as Big Ears
  • Emma as Tessie Bear (Both are Love Interests To Noah and Noddy)
  • Ennui as Mr. Tubby Bear
  • Crimson as Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Chet as Master Tubby Bear
  • MacArthur as Mr. Plod (I Know MacArthur is Female)
  • Sanders as Dinah Doll
  • Stephanie as Martha Monkey
  • Taylor as Miss Pink Cat
  • Spud as Mr. Milko
  • Rock as Mr. Sparks
  • Geoff as Sammy Sailor
  • Brody as Bert Monkey
  • Dwayne Junior as Clockwork Mouse
  • Owen as Mr. Wobbly Man
  • Ryan as Mr. Jumbo
  • Kitty as Sally Skittle
  • Tom as Mr. Noah
  • Jen as Mrs. Noah
  • Devin as Mr. Straw
  • Carrie as Mrs. Straw
  • Dwayne Senior as Mr. Train Driver
  • Lorenzo as Bunkey
  • Jacques as Sly
  • Josee as Gobbo (I Know Josee is Female)

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