• Trent as Link
  • Ella as Zelda
  • Gwen as Sheik
  • Beth as Navi
  • Alejandro as Ganondorf
  • Sam as Rauru
  • Sierra as Saria
  • DJ as Darunia
  • Lindsay as Ruto
  • Jasmine as Impa
  • Bridgette as Nabooru
  • Scott as Mido
  • Lightning as The Great Deku Tree
  • Harold as Kaepora Gaebora
  • Zoey as Malon
  • Geoff as King Zora
  • Tyler as Lord Jabu-Jabu
  • Amy as Koume
  • Samey as Kotake
  • Dawn as Great Fairy
  • Brick as Talon
  • Rodney as Ingo
  • Anne Maria as Fado
  • Cody as Know-it-All Brother

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