• Duncan as Peter Pan (Duncan and Peter Pan are both Heroes)
  • Gwen as Wendy Darling (Gwen and Wendy Darling are Kind-Hearted, Friendly and Mature Girls, They are both Wearing Blue)
  • Harold as John Darling (Harold and John Darling are both Wearing Glasses)
  • Cody as Michael Darling (Cody and Michael Darling are both Cute)
  • Dawn as Tinkerbell (Dawn and Tinkerbell are both Blonde Females)
  • Rodney as George Darling (Rodney and George Darling are both Large, Brick can't be George Darling, Brick is Not Large)
  • Ella as Mary Darling (Ella and Mary Darling are both Friendly and Kind-Hearted Females, They are both Wearing Pink)
  • Noah as Slightly
  • Owen as Cubby
  • Jay and Mickey as The Twins
  • Geoff as Nibs
  • Dwayne Jr as Tootles
  • Sky as Tiger Lily
  • Chef Hatchet as The Indian Chief
  • DJ's Mama as Squaw
  • Bridgette, Courtney, Katie, Izzy, Kitty, Lindsay and Heather as The Mermaids
  • Alejandro as Captain James Hook (Alejandro and Captain James Hook both have Long Dark Hair and They are both Wearing Red)
  • Max as Mr. Smee

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