• Tyler as Phil
  • Lindsay as Keely
  • Heather as Pim
  • Trent as Lloyd
  • Gwen as Barbara
  • B as Curtis the Caveman
  • Chris as Vice Principal Neil Hackett
  • Blaineley as Ms. Winston
  • Cameron as Bradley
  • Izzy as Debbie
  • Jo as Neckbrace Lana
  • Harold as Seth Wosmer
  • Justin as Tanner Kirkpatrick
  • Anne Maria as Tia
  • Courtney as Candida
  • DJ as Lil Danny Dawkins
  • Chef as Joel Messerschmit
  • Dawn as Olivia
  • Sam as Owen
  • Lightning as Chip Croston
  • Duncan as Bruno
  • Alejandro as Mad Man Mendoza
  • Brick as Sterling
  • Geoff as Keith
  • Bridgette as Marla
  • Staci as Miss Hanks
  • Sierra as Alice Da Luce
  • Cody as Crash
  • Scott as The Beefeater
  • Noah as Roger
  • and more

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