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  • Trent as Pikachu
  • DJ as Buizel
  • Gwen as Buneary
  • Noah as Piplup
  • Duncan as Turtwig
  • Harold as Chimchar
  • Beth as Jigglypuff
  • Justin as Meowth
  • Geoff as Gligar
  • Courtney as Smoochum
  • Heather as Glameow
  • Eva as Snubbull
  • Tyler as Squirtle
  • Leshawna as Aipom
  • Owen as Sudowoodo
  • Chris as Swinub
  • Chef as Darkrai
  • Katie and Sadie as Bella and Bella
  • Lindsay as Chikorita
  • Sierra as Eevee
  • Alejandro as Mewtwo
  • Rodney as Charizard

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