• Trent as Olie Polie
  • Ella as Zowie Polie
  • Tyler as Billy Bevel
  • Noah as Spot
  • Rodney as Mr. Percy Polie
  • Samey as Mrs. Polina Polie
  • Harold as Pappy (Not Leonard, Leonard is younger and Pappy is older)
  • Owen as Uncle Gizmo (Lightning can't be Uncle Gizmo, Lightning is a villain and Uncle Gizmo is a hero)
  • Gwen as Pollie Pi
  • Max as Screwy
  • Scott as Wheelie (Not Mike, Mike is reformed and Wheelie is a complete jerk)
  • Beth as Dicey
  • Cody as Binky Bevel (Not Owen, Owen is large and Binky Bevel is small)
  • Alejandro as Gloomius Maximus
  • DJ as Chunk Squarey
  • Sierra as Polie Anna
  • Dakota as Mrs. Ethel Triangle
  • Lindsay as Coochie
  • Cameron as Coo (Both begin with "C")
  • Geoff as Baxter Bevel (Geoff can't be Mr. Percy Polie, Geoff is not wearing overalls)
  • Bridgette as Bonita Bevel
  • Mike as Space Boy
  • Leonard as Space Dog
  • Sam as Big Gene Green
  • Dave as Little Gene Green
  • Jay and Mickey (from Ridonculous Race) as Willy and Wally Jolly

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