• Chris McLean as Rocky
  • Chef as Chef
  • Trent as Bill
  • Gwen as Dina
  • DJ as Verb
  • Cody as Tom Lolly
  • Rodney as Tax Man Max
  • Lindsay as Interplanet Janet
  • Ella as Ice Skating Girl
  • Sierra as Geraldine
  • Jasmine as Camping Girl
  • Shawn as Turtle
  • Cameron as My Hero Zero Boy
  • Noah as I Got Six Boy
  • Leonard as George the Third
  • Mike as Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla
  • Sam as Mr. Morton
  • Dakota as Pearl
  • Scott as Little Twelvetoes
  • Owen as Conjunction Junction
  • Harold as Naughty Number Nine
  • Dave as Lucky Seven Sampson
  • Staci as Mother Necessity
  • Zoey as Tall Girl
  • Izzy as Suffrage
  • Dawn as Good Eleven

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