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  • Cody as Scooby Doo
  • Owen as Shaggy
  • Leshawna as Ms. Grimwood
  • Gwen as Sibella
  • Dawn as Phantasma
  • Sky as Elsa Frankenteen
  • Ella as Tanis
  • Courtney as Winnie Werewolf
  • Rodney as Colonel Calloway
  • Amy as Revolta
  • Duncan as Tug Roper
  • Scott as Miguel
  • Cameron as Jamal Williams
  • Alejandro as Grunt
  • Dave as Baxter
  • Justin as Grim Creeper
  • Mike as Matches
  • Ezekiel as Well Dweller
  • DJ as Phantom Father
  • Max as Count Dracula
  • Topher as Frankenstein
  • Noah as Mummy Daddy
  • Lightning as Papa Werewolf

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