Version 1

  • Trent as Sonic
  • Noah as Tails
  • Duncan as Knuckles
  • Gwen as Amy
  • Beth as Cream
  • Lindsay as Cosmo
  • Owen as Big
  • Justin as Shadow
  • Blaineley as Rouge (Not Courtney, Rouge is a hero and Courtney is a villain.)
  • Geoff as Silver
  • Bridgette as Blaze
  • Leshawna as Vanilla
  • DJ as Vector
  • Tyler as Espio
  • Cody as Charmy
  • Harold as Uncle Chuck
  • Alejandro as Dr. Eggman
  • Ezekiel as Metal Sonic
  • and more

Version 2 (Revenge of the Island)

  • Mike as Sonic
  • Zoey as Amy
  • Cameron as Tails
  • Sam as Knuckles
  • Scott as Dr. Eggman (Both are tricksters)
  • Lightning as Jet (Not Eggman, Eggman is smart and fat and Lightning is dumb and fit)
  • Dakota as Rouge
  • Jo as Wave (Not Rouge, Rouge is hero and Jo is villain)
  • Chris as Eggman Nega
  • Chef as Metal Sonic
  • B as Big (Both are overweight and their names start with B)
  • Dawn as Blaze

Version 3 (Pahkitew Island)

  • Shawn as Sonic
  • Jasmine as Amy
  • Topher as Tails (both have names beginning with t)
  • Dave as Knuckles
  • Max as Dr. Eggman
  • Sky as Wave
  • Samey as Blaze
  • Ella as Cream
  • Rodney as Vector

Version 4 (Ridonculous race) Please add some

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