• Cody as Cody Marsh
  • Trent as Trent Broflovski
  • Owen as Owen Cartman
  • Harold as Harold McCormick - Cody's cousin.
  • Ezekiel as Ezekiel Stotch
  • Ella as Ella Testaburger
  • Dakota as Dakota Stevens
  • Zoey as Red
  • Dawn as Dawn Nelson
  • Cameron as Cameron Black
  • Tyler as Tyler Dovoman
  • Noah as Noah Tucker
  • Topher as Topher Of Yardale
  • Heather as Heather Marsh - Cody's abusive sister.
  • Dave as Dave Marsh - Cody's dad.
  • Sky as Sky Marsh - Cody's mom and Dave's wife
  • Leonard as Leonard Broflovski
  • Sugar as Sugar Broflovski
  • Sadie as Sadie Cartman
  • Geoff as Geoff McCormick - Sky's older brother, Harold's dad, and Cody's uncle.
  • Bridgette as Bridgette McCormick - Harold's mom and Cody's aunt.
  • Rodney as Prince Of Canada
  • Scarlett as Princess Of Canada


(the boys are sent to Chris Mackey's office)

  • Chris Mackey: (disappointed) "Now I'm very disappointed in you boys, m'kay. You all should ashamed of yourselves. Now I already called in your mothers."

(the boys are scared now)

  • Trent Broflovski: (scared) "You called my mom?"
  • Chris Mackey: "Yes."
  • Trent Broflovski: "Oh no, dude!"
  • Owen Cartman: "Mr. Mackey, can I ask a question?"
  • Chris Mackey: "M'kay, what?"
  • Owen Cartman: "What's the big f**king deal, b***h?"
  • Cody Marsh: (agreeing) "Yeah!"
  • Chris Mackey: (horrified) "Ah! N-now I wanna know where you heard these horrific obscenities, m'kay?"
  • Cody Marsh: "Nowhere."
  • Trent Broflovski: "Uh, we heard it from Mr. Garrison a few times before."
  • Cody Marsh: (agreeing) "Yeah."
  • Chris Mackey: (frowning) "Boys, I doubt seriously Mr. Garrison ever said, uh, (pulls up paper sheet and reads it) "Eat Penguin s**t, you a*s-s*******r"."

(the boys laugh at that)

  • Owen Cartman: (laughing) "Sweet."

(then their mothers come in and are very angry, making them stop laughing. Sky Marsh glares at Cody, Sugar Brofvlovski glares at Trent, Sadie Cartman glares at Owen, and Bridgette McCormick glares at Harold. The boys are so terrified)

  • Chris Mackey: "Thank you all for coming on such short notice."
  • Sky Marsh: (disappointed) "This just isn't like you Cody."
  • Sadie Cartman: "What did he say?"
  • Chris Mackey: "The worst word of all."

(they are shocked)

  • Bridgette McCormick: (shocked) "The F-Word?!"

(then they glare at the kids)

  • Sugar Brofvloski: (angry) "Where did you learn such language?!"
  • Owen Cartman: "It was the Terrence and Phillip movie. (the boys glare at him) What? F**k you guys, I wanna get out of here."
  • Sky Marsh: (annoyed) "Bridgette, will you please take care of Cody to your house and ground him because I'll be too busy complaining about this?"
  • Bridgette McCormick: (nodding) "Of course. (she glares at Cody and Harold) Cody and Harold, you're both grounded and Cody, once school's over you come straight to my house. You got it?"
  • Cody Marsh: (sighing) "Yes aunt Bridgette."
  • Harold McCormick: (also sighing) "Yes mom."

(Heather Marsh also arrives and glares at Cody)

  • Heather Marsh: (angry) "Hey turd, how dare you use such language."

(she then marches up to him and slaps him, giving a bruise in his cheek while his friends watch in sadness)