• Owen as Steven Universe
  • Noah as Garnet
  • Mike as Ruby
  • Zoey as Sapphire
  • Izzy as Amethyst
  • Lindsay as Pearl (Courtney can't be Pearl; Pearl is a heroine and Courtney is a villainess)
  • Courtney as Peridot
  • Ella as Lapis Lazuli
  • Eva as Jasper
  • Trent as Greg
  • Kitty (from The Ridonculous Race) as Connie
  • Emma as Sardonyx
  • Heather as Malachite
  • Macarthur as Bismuth
  • Leshawna as Sugalite (they share the same voice actress in Latin-America)
  • Dawn as Opal
  • Jasmine as Alexandrite (they're both really tall)

Version 2

  • Mike as Steven
  • Jasmine as Garnet
  • Gwen as Amethyst
  • Lindsay as Pearl (Not Bridgette, she is annoying)
  • Macarthur as Ruby
  • Sanders as Sapphire
  • Sammy as Lapis Lazuli
  • Jo as Jasper
  • Courtney as Peridot
  • Zoey as Connie
  • Dawn as Opal
  • Anne Maria as Sugalite
  • Dakota as Sardonyx
  • Sky as Alexandrite
  • Josee as Malachite
  • Kitty as Stevonnie
  • Carrie as Sadie
  • Duncan as Lars

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