• Anne Maria as Accusing Alligator
  • Rodney as Bashful Bear
  • Bridgette as Clever Camel
  • Duncan as Doubtful Dog
  • Leshawna as Enormous Elephant
  • Sierra as Fearless Fish
  • Izzy as Goof-off Goose
  • Brick as Healthy Hippo
  • Heather as Imitating Iguana
  • Max as Jealous Jackal
  • Scott as Kidding Kangaroo
  • Owen as Loving Lion
  • DJ as Moody Moose
  • Amy as Nasty Nightingale
  • Staci as Outraged Octopus
  • Ella as Positive Pig
  • Lindsay as Questioning Quail
  • Dave as Responsible Rabbit
  • Mike as Smarty Stork
  • Courtney as Temper Tantrum Turtle
  • Zoey as Unique Unicorn
  • Lightning as Vain Vulture
  • Sam as Worried Walrus
  • Samey as X-Rating Xerus
  • Leonard as Yakety Yak
  • Trent as Zany Zebra

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