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  • Cody as Beast Boy
  • Gwen as Raven
  • DJ as Cyborg
  • Mike as Robin
  • Lindsay as Starfire
  • Bridgette as Terra
  • Chris as Slade
  • Owen as Mammoth
  • Scarlett as Jinx
  • Max as Gizmo
  • Justin as Billy Numerous
  • Lightning as See-More
  • Alejandro as Kid Flash
  • Noah as Mad Mod
  • Courtney as Elasti-Girl
  • Duncan as Dr. Light
  • Scott as Control Freak
  • Dakota as Kitten (Dakota and Kitten's behaviors are one in the same)
  • Heather as Blackfire
  • Harold as Bushido
  • Amy as Madame Rouge
  • Topher as Mumbo
  • Mal as Trigon 
  • Ella as Arella 
  • Zoey as Kole
  • Crimson as Argent
  • Leshawna as Bumblebee
  • Tyler as Speedy 
  • Trent as Aqualad
  • Blaineley as Headmistress
  • Chef as Master of Games
  • Ennui as Kid Wykkyd
  • Sugar as Mother Mae Eye
  • Rock as Punk Rocket
  • Cameron as Hot Spot
  • Kitty as Melvin
  • Ezekiel as Timmy
  • Dwayne Jr. as Teether
  • Ryan as Bobby
  • B as Wildebeest
  • Jasmine as Pantha
  • Shawn as Jericho
  • Leonard as Professor Chang
  • Sam as Ding Dong Daddy
  • Brody as The Herald
  • Jay as Mas
  • Mickey as Menos
  • Drama Machine as Brain
  • Bear as Monsier Mallah
  • Rodney as Thunder
  • Geoff as Lightning
  • Dave as The Puppet King
  • Brick as Private Hive
  • and more

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