• Chris as Phil
  • Leshawna as Ericka
  • Harold as Ryan
  • Alejandro as Elliott
  • Cody as Andrew
  • Katie and Sadie as Kerri and Stacie
  • Tyler as Joey*Fitness*Lasalla
  • Duncan as Danny Horal
  • DJ as William Bopper
  • Geoff as Mark
  • Izzy as Vanessa
  • Owen as Ralph
  • Trent as Lance
  • Gwen as Carrie
  • Lindsay as Jamie
  • Beth and Sierra as Mona and Beth(One of them shares the same name as Beth)
  • Justin as Joey
  • Dawn as Meghan
  • Ezekiel as Chuck
  • Eva as Wynona
  • B and Cameron as Idries and Jamil
  • Mike and Zoey as Max and Katie
  • Dakota and Blaineley as Caroline and Jennifer
  • Rodney and Sam as Anthony and Bates
  • Noah and Anne Maria as John and Jessica
  • and more

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