• Mike as Gumball
  • Cameron as Darwin
  • Izzy as Anais
  • Kelly as Nicole (At least, Nicole tries to do good things, but Courtney is not even close.)
  • Dwayne Sr. as Richard 
  • Zoey as Penny
  • Mal as Zach (They we're the Gumball And Mike's Evil Sides eventually vanished)
  • Eva as Tina Rex
  • Chris McLean as Laurence "Larry" Needlemeyer
  • Alejandro as Banana Joe
  • Lindsay as Masami
  • Bridgette as Carrie
  • Duncan as Rob
  • Ezekiel as Juke
  • Chris as Principal Brown
  • Scott as Mr. Robinson
  • Jo as Miss Simian
  • Brick as Lawrence
  • Owen as Clayton
  • Rodney as Hector
  • Cody as Leslie
  • DJ as Rocky
  • Leshawna as Carmen
  • Harold as Alan
  • Geoff as Bobert
  • Justin as Anton
  • Heather as Rachel
  • Tyler as Tobias
  • Sierra as Molly
  • Staci as Sussie
  • B as Idaho
  • Katie as Mrs. Robinson
  • Sadie as Granny Jojo
  • Courtney as Jamie

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