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  • Ezekiel as Billy
  • Gwen as Mandy (They're both described scary)
  • Rodney as Grim (They both are kind-hearted)
  • Cameron as Irwin (They're both African-American and wear glasses)
  • Owen as Harold
  • Izzy as Gladys (They both have orange hair)
  • Chris as Hoss Delgado
  • Amy as Eris (They both have blonde hair)
  • Bridgette as Claire (They both have ponytails)
  • Geoff as Phillip
  • Leonard as Nigel Planter
  • Cody as Nergal
  • Harold as Nergal Jr. (They both wear glasses)
  • Max as Sperg
  • DJ as Melvin
  • Scarlett as Mindy (They both have red hair)
  • Chef as Lionel Van Helsing
  • Beth as Aunt Sis (They both wear glasses)
  • Trent as Lord Pain
  • Duncan as Creeper
  • Heather as Malaria (They both have black hair)
  • Scott as Boogie Man
  • Justin as Lord Moldybutt

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