• Cody as Kermit
  • Sierra as Miss Piggy 
  • Owen as Fozzie Bear
  • Sam as Gonzo 
  • Dave as Scooter
  • Rock and Spud as Statler and Waldorf
  • Dwayne Junior as Walter
  • Mike as Gary
  • Zoey as Mary 
  • Izzy as Animal
  • Shawn as Floyd Pepper
  • Silent B as Dr. Teeth
  • Max as Crazy Harry
  • Alejandro as Uncle Deadly
  • Chef as Bobo
  • Anne Maria, Jo, Scott, Duncan, Lightning, and Justin as The Moopets (Miss Poogy, Janooce, Kermoot, Roowlf, Foozie, and Animool) 
  • Chris as Tex Richman 
  • Topher as Jack Black
  • Ezekiel as Hobo Joe
  • Sky as Veronica
  • Rodney as Sweetums
  • Cameron as Rizzo the Rat
  • Noah as Pepe the King Prawn 

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