• Gwen as Marlene(Gwen's voice suits Marlene)
  • Cody as Skipper
  • Ezekiel as Private
  • Brick as Rico
  • Justin as Kolwaski
  • Cameron as Mort
  • Owen as Maurice
  • Alejandro as Dr.Blowhole
  • Izzy as King Julien
  • DJ as Elmer
  • Jo as Alice
  • Scott as Hans

Voice cast

  • Nicole Sullivan-Gwen
  • Tom McGrath-Cody
  • Jeff Bennett-Justin
  • James Patrick Stuart-Ezekiel
  • John DiMaggio-Brick and Scott
  • Danny Jacobs-Izzy
  • Kevin Michael Richardson-Owen
  • Andy Ritcher-Cameron
  • Neil Patrick Harris-Alejandro
  • Patrick Warburton-DJ
  • Mary Scheer-Jo

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