• Emma as Blossom (Emma and Blossom are both Smart, Reasonable and Mature Girls)
  • Kitty as Bubbles
  • MacArthur as Buttercup
  • Trent as Professor Utonium
  • Ella as Ms. Keane (Ella and Ms. Keane are both Friendly and Kind-Hearted Raven Haired Females)
  • Heather as Sedusa (Heather and Sedusa are both Evil, Hot and Seductive Villainesses) (Trent can't be Sedusa. Sedusa is a female and Trent is a male.)
  • Taylor as Princess Morbucks (Taylor and Princess Morbucks are both Bossy, Aggressive, Whiny and Abrasive Spoiled Brats)
  • Blaineley as Femme Fatale (Blaineley and Femme Fatale are both have Blonde Hair)
  • Max as Mojo Jojo (Not Rodney or Don. Rodney and Don are heroes and Mojo Jojo is a villain.) (Max and Mojo Jojo are Short, Small and they are both Evil Geniuses)
  • Jasmine as Ms. Bellum
  • Shawn as Mayor
  • Alejandro as Him (Alejandro and Him are both Wearing Red)
  • Noah as Brick
  • Rodney as Boomer
  • Brody as Butch
  • Scott as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Dave as Roach Coach

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