Version 1

  • Leshawna as Tiana (Don't be sexist, rude, and uncouth, Gabbyabi9)
  • Harold as Naveen
  • Alejandro as Dr. Facilier
  • Max as Lawrence
  • Rodney as Louis (Not Owen, don't be sexist Gabbyabi9)
  • Cody as Ray
  • Ella as Charlotte
  • Jo as Mama Odie
  • Ryan as Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff
  • Mike and Zoey as Tiana's Parents


  • Owen can't be Louis! Only Rodney can!
  • Now you can't edit this anymore! You are a fugly slut! Stop editing or I'll pinch you!

Version 2

  • Sky as Tiana
  • Mike as Naveen
  • Dawn as Charlotte
  • Izzy as Mama Odie
  • Tyler and Lindsey as Tiana's Parents

Version 3

  • Jo as Tiana
  • Brick as Naveen
  • Max as Dr. Facilier
  • Scott as Lawrence
  • Tyler as Ray
  • Izzy as Charlotte
  • Jasmine as Mama Odie
  • Trent and Gwen as Tiana's Parents

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