• Tyler as John Cena
  • Duncan as Sheamus
  • Cameron as Hornswaggle
  • Sky as Kelly Kelly
  • Zoey as Stephanie
  • Eva as Batista
  • Lightning as Hulk Hogan
  • Shawn as Luke Harper
  • Jasmine as Alicia Fox
  • Mike as Curtis Alex
  • Mal as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
  • Samey as Emma
  • Alejandro as Ricardo Rodriguez
  • Amy as Eva Marie
  • Dave as The Undertaker
  • Justin as Jack Swagger
  • Brick as The Rock
  • Lindsay as Summer Rae
  • Owen as Big E
  • Scott as Bad News Barrett
  • Sam as Mark Henry
  • Jo as Vickie Guererro
  • Max as Kane
  • Rodney as Big Show
  • Katie and Sadie as the Usos (Even if the Usos are male)
  • Izzy as AJ Lee (both can tend to be crazy at points)
  • Cody as Adam Rose
  • Sierra as Brie Bella
  • Courtney as Nikki Bella
  • Geoff as Eddie Guererro
  • Gwen as Naomi
  • Heather as Natalya
  • Scarlett as Cameron
  • Topher as Jeff Hardy
  • Anne Maria as Eve Torres
  • Trent as Kofi Kingston
  • Silent B as Big E
  • Ezekiel as Brodus Clay

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