• Sierra as Willa
  • Cody as Dooley
  • Trent as Dad
  • Lindsay as Sara
  • Zoey as Kara
  • Anne Maria as Lara
  • Izzy as Evelyn
  • Duncan as Mr. Tremble
  • Staci as Ms. Delilah Vanderwinkle
  • Cameron as Buzzy
  • Geoff as Mailman
  • Bridgette as Tiffy Tootle
  • Mike as Gus
  • Samey as Jenny
  • Dave, Noah, and Leonard as Inky, Blinky, and Bob
  • Ella as KoKo
  • Topher as Willard Wallaby
  • Shawn as Steve
  • Jasmine as Edie
  • Sam as Wallace
  • Beardo as Samuel
  • The Bunnies as Themselves
  • Rodney as Bert
  • Alejandro as Tiny
  • Heather as Lou
  • Molly, Deema and Oona (from Bubble Guppies) as Susu, Kuku, and Lulu
  • Dawn as Sparkle
  • Sugar as Tangerine

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