• Raikou as Chris
  • Groudon as Chef
  • Ho-Oh as Alejandro
  • Eevee as Beth
  • Vaporeon as Bridgette
  • Golduck as Cody
  • Wigglytuff as Courtney
  • Sandshrew as DJ
  • Houndoom as Duncan
  • Primeape as Eva
  • Sandslash as Ezekiel
  • Blastoise as Geoff
  • Pachirisu as Gwen
  • Scyther as Harold
  • Articuno as Heather
  • Tangela as Izzy
  • Gyarados as Justin
  • Minun as Katie
  • Jynx as Leshawna
  • Celebi as Lindsay
  • Alakazam as Noah
  • Snorlax as Owen
  • Plusle as Sadie
  • Azumarill as Sierra
  • Magmar as Trent
  • Hitmonlee as Tyler

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