Towards Biocracy is a non-profit transnational community promoting the protection of life and the respect of all minorities as political model enhancing modern democracy.

From the Greek Bio, Life

We treasure life above all other values and as such we aim at solving world issues with non-violent means (we will never impose our views by violent means) and over long periods of time, using diplomacy and dialogue. We seek to avoid all forms of violence including war, terrorism, and repression.

The best recent example of what should not be done is the war in Irak and subsequent civil war through daily acts of deadly terrorism between Muslims. Although Saddam Hussein was a terrible dictator and murderer, the war in Irak has caused more death than Saddam would probably have ever caused if we had allowed enough time for his natural departure.

The best example of what can be done is the European Union which has enabled long-lasting peace between formerly belligerent countries and after to world-wars.

As Biocrates we promote the protection of all lifeforms in our environment but first and foremost we want to address critical human rights and minority issues. As such we promote a moderate approach to Biocracy.

Our Challenge Towards Biocracy

World-wide Biocracy will not be achieved overnight, this work will take decades to produce significant results. This is about defining new values, educating the world to these new values and allowing time for these values to penetrate the majority of the world population eventually leading to a natural transition towards world-wide Biocracy.

Our strategy is to educate through opinion articles related to news stories and get other news web sites to link to our project.

What is Democracy missing?

The biggest challenge to modern democracy is the respect of minorities. Democracy being the rule by the majority does not specifically address minorities rights. Under-respected and frustrated minorities then tend to fall into terrorism. Therefore terrorism might be considered a response to the oppressive rule of a majority. Of course we condemn all forms of terrorism but we try to understand its roots to better address the challenges it poses to the world. We therefore believe that war cannot be a solution against terrorism. Likewise, terrorism is not a solution against war. In our world, both wars and terrorism contribute to the rise of hatred and further loss of life.

In the middle-east conflict, Arabs fight what they believe is an injustice (the creation of the state of Israel) approved by the majority at the United Nations technically in a democratic way.

Most Islamic democracies want to impose a religious belief as the basis of law and even in countries where the vast majority of citizens are Muslims, this does not guaranty the respect of minorities and human rights within these countries. Muslims are not allowed to convert to another religion or belief in most Islamic democracies [1]. In Afghanistan, even under western-backed democracy, a Muslim could be sentenced to death for converting from Islam to another religion [2] [3] [4] [5].

Democracy also fails to protect the environment we live in because the majority does not necessarily understand the importance of our environment over other short-term concerns. As a clear example, Global warming is not well understood by the majority, poorly addressed if at all and politicians are more pressed by other short-term issues. Current global trade rules set by our democracies encourage more destruction of the environment.

What is different with Biocracy?

Biocracy is not the rule of the majority over all minorities, individuals and the environment but the rule of the majority protecting all minorities, individuals and the environment. Biocracy is therefore an enhancement of democracy that we recognize as a valid foundation.

If this was applied in the middle-east, everyone would be protecting all minorities regardless of religion or beliefs. Of course this is currently a utopia as these minorities are eager to fight each other believing that the other minorities are “bad”, but over time, union within the respect and protection of each other is the only viable and peaceful solution.

How can Biocracy work?

Biocracy must be first be understood by a very large majority of its constituents. Nothing works without understanding. Democracy would not have been possible without a large majority of people understanding the necessity of it.

Once understood, a Biocratic Constitution must state the basic law enabling the protection of minorities, individuals and the environment.

The most difficult aspect of Biocracy seems to be the protection of the environment because this is mostly a global resource. Nonetheless we believe that a Biocracy can be successful within a non-Biocratic world because we believe that a Biocracy would be more efficient and productive than other existing societies. Building energy-efficient homes, relying less on travel, wasting less resources and materials, recycling, and relying on renewable energy sources, a Biocracy is inherently more efficient than a non-Biocratic country eventually inventing the technologies for the new world.

This hands-on success is the best guaranty for its spread to all other countries in a peaceful manner and over time.

God, Religions and Biocracy

We do not believe that “God made man to his own image”. We do not believe that the Bible was inspired by God. We do not believe that mankind is the only intelligent lifeform in the Universe. We believe that these former views are egocentric and as such are probably as far from the truth as “The sun rotating around the earth”. Yet we respect others' beliefs and do not seek to impose our own beliefs.

We believe that God, if (neither he nor she) exists, created the Universe with a Goal and that this Goal is yet unknown to us. We believe that this Goal cannot be the destruction of life or the limitation to any primitive point in the evolution of the Universe. Towards this Goal we scientifically observe that the Universe has developed life, mankind, and (on earth) has yet to create an intelligent civilization that will live in peace and in respect of the Universe creation trying to humbly understand from where it comes from and where it is going without destroying its environment (the Universe itself).

Beyond mankind and minorities, Biocracy also addresses environmental challenges by respecting and protecting all forms of life. Mankind is no longer the only meaningful creature that deserves protection. All life forms are part of our culture and contains many treasures yet to be uncovered.

Most religions have divided mankind among groups that sooner or later would engage into wars because they would think that they hold The absolute truth. These beliefs in an absolute truth have lead to to the rejection of critical thinking resulting in violent confrontations with whomever disagreed.

Very few modern democracies have overcome these problems by providing freedom of religion and truly separating religion from political power.

In the United States, unfortunately, presidents still swear on the Bible during inaugural addresses and the pledge of allegiance makes specific references to God (added in 1954 - The Pledge of Allegiance, A Short History, by Dr. John W. Baer).

While changing the pledge of allegiance, on June 14 (Flag Day), 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower said (The Pledge of Allegiance):

"In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America's heritage and future; in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country's most powerful resource in peace and war."

Notice “spiritual weapons .. our .. most powerful resource in .. war”.

Death Penalty

We believe that:

  • the Death Penalty is a useless revenge that cannot bring back stolen lives;
  • all first-degree murderers are mentally sick people who need treatment;
  • countless innocents have been executed and will continue to be executed as long as the death penalty is not banned.

For these reasons we are against the death penalty.

This does not mean that murderers should be set free. We have the responsibility to protect all against potential murderers. They must be held in a controlled environment for life or until we can guaranty that they are healed or until evidence of their innocence is found.


You are welcome to contribute to these pages as long as you share our goals and values and do not promote hatred, violence, racism, discrimination, insults, vandalism, or insanity. Critical thinking is encouraged as long as the goal is to help us find solutions to the problems along our way.

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