An ironic name for an interesting Ko-Metru Knowledge Tower, this is the main base of the Knights of Mata-Nui.


Tower Top is an ironic name for this base of the Knights. Ironic mainly because more than 11/12th of it are underground.

500 Years Ago, when this Tower was first grown, it was among the top five tallest Ko-Metru Knowledge Tower, hence the name Tower Top. However, through a course of earthquakes in the immediate vacinity, most of these Knowledge Towers sank completely underground. However, this Knowledge Tower still sticks up at least 10 Bios out of the ground, luckily.



The base is comprised largely of a repair shop, armory, and training facility. Anyone is allowed here.

1st Floor:

The first floor is mainly storage. It also, however, contains the sparring rooms. The 1st floors is also where the Depthchutes controls are, as well as the entrance and exits to the Depthchutes. New members to the Knights are not allowed to use the Depthchutes controls.

2nd Floor:

This level consists of a very large library and walls filled with prophecies and knowledge. Only higher ranking Knights of Mata-Nui members can enter this place. New members are not allowed to do so.

3rd Floor:

The nerve center, if you will. All business is conducted here, meetings, whatever. Also, some of the actual Knowledge is here and is used to plan out missions. Anyone is allowed here.

4th Floor:

This is the where the rooms are and dining hall is. There are aproximetaly twenty rooms. Anyone is allowed here.

5th Floor:

The fifth floor is the only level that is above the ground. It consists of the main entrance and the observatory. The only ones allowed here are those who know how to read the stars.

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