Townspeople and Tradesmen

West End

Abel ancient druid of the West
Benjamin Haight, West End's 2nd Mortician
Brother Benson former priest of the [all-father]]
Brother Jake
Brother Samuel
Charlie the Bard Local informant
Corporal Randall of the town guard
Davin the smith
Ean Brown, a historian
Earlan, or Earl, 1 day employee at Jenning's Tavern
Guardsman Leonard
Ian, one of the Red Lancers
Jack, owner of Jack's Tack
Jared Hapnil, "the dart" , a dandy
Jeremiah Haight , deceased, former mortician
Jezebel "woman of the night"
Lillard Elson husband of Tina, missing
Maney a Dandy
Marshall Blake
Ophelian: An ancient bard
Tina Elson Lillard's wife
Sgt. Rogers

"The Dragonclaw boys"
The most recent to explore the 7-3-9 dungeon.
Keln Arneth: A rogue, missing two fingers, who lives in the industrial district
(nameless) a Berezin Monk, fairly old


Ferdinand Glen: Bookbinder, 1/2 Elf
Ilam Ewe: Bowyer, Elf
Colen Shelf: Human, inkmaker
Hector Red: Owner and bartender of the East End Bar
John Finnegan: Owner and bartender of Finnegan's Cafe
Ben Farris: Dwarven Nursery tender
Arthur Bean: Human recordkeeper
Ted Ironside: 1/2 Dwarven Architect
Tom Byron: Human Dyer
Marshel Tanner: Elven Tanner
Martha Binks: Human Tailor
Geoff Marze: Human priest of the All-father
Luke Alzen: Human priest of the All-father
Franze Marze: Human tender of the infirmary
Al Faren: 4rth Floor cook, Human
Jerz Menson: 3rd Floor cook, 1/2 Dwarf
James Red: Castellion, Human
Stuart Oreman: Dwarven Blacksmith
Michael Rins: 1/2 Dwarven Armorer
Jeremy Linner: Human Weaponsmith
Henry Onyx: Dwarven Minemaster
Leon Streams: Elven master carpenter
Jed Miller: 1/2 Dwarven Miller
Martin Gould: Human Gatekeeper
John Masters: Human stablemaster
Earl Jenkins: Human barkeep, 2nd floor
Maria Tubbs: Human cook, 2nd floor
"axe": Human bartender, 1st floor


Cadamon Moonivy Elf, brother to Coriander
Coriander Moonivy Elf, brother to Cadamon
Gregor and Mirna Bone Burial detail and funerals
Drew Weaponsmith
Tristram Blacksmith
Kemble Gate Guard
Lorne Gate Guard

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