Townsville's Going Down(DO NOT EDIT!!!)

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  • Cast
  • Marvin Martain(from The Looney Tunes) as Mojo Jojo
  • Sammy(from The Fairly Odd Parents) as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Thrax(from Osmosis Jones) as Him
  • Aunt Figg(from Tom and Jerry:The Movie) as Princess Morbuckes
  • King Goobot(from Jimmy Neutron) as Bossman
  • Anti Cosmo(from The Fairly Odd Parents) as Ace
    • Lyrics(DO NOT EDIT!!!)
    • Marvin The Martain:The city of Townsville's going down,direct on my head will be a brand new crown.
    • Sammy:Townsville's going down,i'm gonna turn your smiles right side down!
    • Thrax:And all the little babies are going to cry!!!
    • Marvin Martain:No way,no how,you can run,you can hide,but i will i find you!
    • Thrax:No way,no how,i will take control and i will plow down your city tonight!
    • Aunt Figg:Townsville's going down,the Powerpuff Girls are nowhere to be found!
    • King Goobot:Townsville's going down,i'm gonna throw this paper on the ground!
    • Anti Cosmo:And all of the little old people are gonna cry!
    • Aunt Figg;No way,no how,you can run,you can hide,but i will find you!
    • Anti Cosmo:No way,no how,i will take your souls and i will plow down your city tonight!
    • Thrax,Marvin The Martain,& Sammy:Townsville's going downsville tonight,woah,woah.
    • Aunt Figg,Anti Cosmo,& King Goobot:Townsville's going downsville tonight,woah,woah.
    • Thrax,Marvain The Martain,,Sammy,Aunt Figg,Anti Cosmo,& King Goobot(combined):Townsville's going downsville tonight,woah,woah,woah,Townsville's going downsville tonight,woah,woah,woah,woah,Tonight!Sammy:Ah-ha,goodbye.

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