Toy Story/Baby Einstein

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Cwfoxey)

Attention niels epting WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. (See SP:CAST)
Mini orbiter as Buzz

Mcqueen as cars

Summer Zebra as Tortoro

eggheads as russsian dolls

etch as itself

casher as mr spell

Galileo as zurg

metronome as rex

boohbah as woody

emmet as sarge

tri illusion as hamm

bo peep as herself

cosmos kentics as potato heaads

icabod and izzy as stretch

dotty as twitch

garf as chunk

mody as robot

rubix as barbie

teletubbies as aliens

alex as ken

misty as jessie

noo noo as bullseye

sylvester as pete

ot teacher as al

manager as chuckles

candles as slink

pavlov as buster

cwfoxey as andy

bruce as sharky

barrel of monkeys as thhemselves

monkey as himself

winkel as wheezy

8 ball as itself

stacking rings as itself

record as mike

sammy as sid

darla as molly

marlin as prickle pants

sing a ma jig as buttercup

dory as trixie

dipsy as dollie

mchine ball factory as vaccum

neptune as peas

timetracker as lotsoo

Version 2

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