Dontokisaki's movie-spoofs of "Toy Story"


  • Woody as Kyo Kusanagi (King of fighter)
  • Buzz lightyear as Iron man (Iron man)
  • Bo peep as Ryuko matoi (Kill la kill)
  • Mr potato head as Sub zero (Mortal kombat)
  • Ham as Optimus Prime (Transformer)
  • Slinky dog as Scooby doo (Scooby doo)
  • Rex as Yoshi (Mario)
  • Mrs potato head as Esdeath (Akame ga kill)
  • Sarge as Rabbids (Rabbid invasion)
  • Sid Phillips as Ganondorf (Legend of zelda)
  • Andy as Stan marsh (South park)
  • Andy mom as Mom stan (South park)
  • Scud as Alpha (Toy story)
  • Jessie as Tokisaki kurumi (Date a live)
  • Rc as Lightning mcqueen (Cars)
  • Hannah Phillips as Sakura kasugano (Street fighter)
  • Molly as Shelly marsh (South park)
  • Baby head Spider as Venom (Spiderman)
  • Stinky pete as M Bison (Street fighter)
  • Evil emperor Zurg as Shredder (Tmnt)
  • Squeeze Toy Aliens As Minions (Despicable Me)
  • Buzz lighter with belt as Iron monger (Iron man)
  • Al as Randy marsh (South park)
  • Lotso Huggin bear as Albert wesker (Resident evil)
  • Big Baby as Goro (Mortal kombat)
  • Bullseye as Toothless (HTTYD)
  • Barbie as Saber (Fate Type moon)
  • Ken as Ken (Street Fighter)
  • Wheezy as Private (Madagascar
  • Bonnie as Lelei (Gate Jieitai)
  • Trixie as Birdo (Mario)
  • Dolly as Rory Mercury (Gate jieitai)
  • Chukles as Ronald Mcdonald (Mcdonald)
  • Mr. Pricklepants as Knuckles the echidna (Sonic)
  • Buttercup as Terry bogard (King of fighter)
  • Twitch as Nemesis (Resident evil)
  • bookworm as King K rool (Donkey kong)
  • Monkey Musical as Gutt (Ice age)
  • Mr spell as Bmo (Advanture time)
  • Lenny as Hemilich (a bug life)
  • Rocky as Zangief (Street fighter)
  • Shark as Lenny (Shark tale)

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