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Toy Story

Lewis (Meet The Robinsons) as Woody

Buzz Lightyear- Hiro Hamada


Hamm- Tulio (The Road To El Dorado)

Mr.Potato Head- Daffy Duck

Chicken Little (2005 Disney) As Slinky dog

Cinderella (Disney) as Bo Peep

Lighting Mcqueen as RC Car

Jimmy Two Shoes as Lenny

Etch as Himself

Dexter from Dexters Labortery as Mr.Spell

Thief (Thief And The Cobbler Miramax Version) As Rock Gibraltr

John Darling (1953 Peter Pan)-Sarge

NEST Soldiers, Marius, Enjorlas, Gavorache and the ABC Cafe, Optimus Prime and the autobots and Peter Pan and the Lost Boys- Sarge's Soldiers

Sid- Buzz (Replacements)

Hannah- Riley (Replacements)

Louie (WBADS) as Young Andy

Baby Rapunzel (Tangled) as Baby Molly

Andy's Mom- Anna (1999 The King and I)

Snake And Robot- Wheelie and Brains

Mr.Shark-Pete (Disney)


Legs-Sarah(Ed Edd Eddy)

Hand in The Box- Mudflap(Revenge of The Fallen)

The Frog- Frankie the Frog(Meet the Robinsons)

Ducky-Heuy(Donald's Nephew)

Jingle Joe- Ash Williams(Evil Dead Trilogy)

Rockmobile-Harry(Home Alone 1 and 2)

Roller Bob-Kick Buttowski

Walking Car- Wheelie(Transformers)

Janie and Pterodactyl- Princess Bubblegum and Ice King

Combact Carl 1: Zack Martin(Suite Life)

Combact Carl 2: Cody Martin(Suite Life)

Combat Carl 3: Crash Bandicoot

Combat Carl 4: Tommy Oliver

Red Pickup Truck: Kup(Transformers)

Burned Rag Doll: Frankie(Nightmare on Wilson Way)

Louis the Armless Soldier: Hook Hand Thug

Headless KFC Owner: Jetfire

1. Opening/ Louie(WBADS) Playing with Toys/You've Got a Friend in Me

2. The Coast Is Clear/ The Staff Meeting

3. Following The Leader

4. Nod(Epic) the Space Ranger

5. Strange Things

6. Lewis and Nod(Epic) Fight (Buzz (The Replacements)

7. Who will Louie(WBADS) pick?

8.Lost at the gas station

9.Going inside pizza planet

10. Nod(Epic) Meet the funny animated characters

11.At Sid's House (Buzz) (Replacements)

12.Playtime with Sid (Buzz) (Replacements)

13. I will go sailing no more

14. Nod's(Epic) Bannadge

15.Sid's Buzz (Replacements) to Andy's Windows (Louie) (WBADS)

16. The Big One.

17. Am I Feeling Love (The Thief and The Cobbler Miramax)

18. Nod(Epic) i Need your help

19 Lewis asks for help

20 Play Nice

21.The Chase

22. Rocket Power

23 Christmas at andy's (Louie) (WBADS)

24 End Credits

Toy story 2

Mrs. Potato Head- Abby Mallard

Belle (BATB disney Version) as Jessie

Maximus (Tangled) as Bullseye

Stinky Pete- Alister Azimuth

Evil Emperor Zurg- Shan-Yu

Wheezy- Cody Maverick

Tour Guide Barbie- Izzy (Total Drama Series

Al Mcwhiggen- Jafar and Kronk

Geri- Disney Merlin

Squeeze Alien Trio- Spongebob, Tai (Digimon), Spot(The Good Dinosaur)

Unity Belt Buzz- Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

1. Opening(Star Wars Episode 1 Theme)/Nod of Star Command/ Nod vs Shan-Yu

2. Missing Hat/ It's Bruno/Andy Plays with Toys and Lewis's t-shirt sleeve rips

3. Andy (Louie WBADS) is Back/ Lewis's Nightmare with the army of villains Stampede (Lion King Reference)

4. Lewis meets cody maverick/Yard Sale/Lewis gets stolen by Al (Jafar and Kronk) Why Me(Deleted Song from Aladdin)

5. Nod(Epic) Staff Meeting/ Lewis trapped at al's/ Lewis reunite's with the roundup gang/ Woody's Roundup (Lewis's Roundup)

6. Find Al's toy barn commercial/ Nod and the gang rescue Lewis/ Lewis and his gang watch Lewis's Roundup/Museum/ Lewis almost loses his shirt sleeve/ Nod and the gang plan to rescue Lewis/ Lewis and Belle fighting and trying to apologize

7 Nod(Epic) and the gang in cones getting to Al's Toy Barn

8. Merlin arrives and fixing lewis's shirt sleeve/ Nod(Epic) and the gang inside AL's Toy Barn/ Merlin finishes Lewis's Shirt Sleeve

9. Nod(Epic) meets Riku the Keyblade master/ Spyro(WBADS) and Daffy finding lewis and a ride by Tulio and Chicken Little (2005) / Nod Vs Riku/ Tulio, Daffy, Chicken Little (2005) and Spyro with Izzy (Total Drama Series)/ Riku the Keyblade Master traps Nod in a space rocket box

10. Belle's Story/ When She Loves Me/ Lewis's Decision/ Lewis Stays with the roundup gang

11. Chicken Little, Tulio, Spyro, Daffy and Riku still finding Lewis/ The gang findings of lewis/Nod escapes from his trap/ Daffy,Spyro Tulio, Chicken Little (2005) and Riku the keyblade master goes to the hotel to rescue lewis/Nod gets out of the store/ Shan yu discovers Nod and goes after him/ Riku and others find a way inside the hotel going up the elevator/

12 Kronk packs up and having an argument with frollo about lewis/ Lewis exicted to go to japan/ Riku and the others made it to the top and Nod Notices the others are with Riku to rescue lewis.

13. Lewis does a play about his show/ Riku and the others in the tunnels finding lewis/Riku and others rescue Lewis and the Nod stops him/ Who is the real buzz (Nod or Riku)/ Nod is the real buzz lightyear/ Lewis cant leave

14 Lewis has no choice/ He tries to get back with Nod Riku and others/ Lewis convices Jessie, Maximus (Tangled) and Azimuth to come with Lewis to andy (Louie) (WBADS) but Azimuth Refuses/ Lewis and the roundup gang packed up by Kronk.

15. Nod and Riku gets down to the elevator/ It's Shan Yu/ Riku Gives Up/ Nod and the others made it back to the bottom/ Lewis tries to get out but still goes to japan/ Shan yu falls down the elevator

16.Riku stays with his father/ Spongebob, Tai(Digimon,) Stitch are in the pizza planet truck/ Trying to catch up with AL and made it to the airport

17. Lewis has made it out of there early/ Lewis vs Frollo/ Lewis kills frollo/ Lewis and the gang rescuing Belle and Maximus (Tangled)/ Lewis Vs Azimuth/ Lewis never goes to japan/ Nod and the others captured Azimuth

18. Lewis says farewell to Azimuth/ Belle stuck in the suitcase/ Lewis and Nodto the rescue/ Lewis and Belle Get out of the plane alive and the Nod and maximus saves Lewis and Belle/ Victory for lewis and the gang

19. Andy (Louie WBADS) finally comes back home/ Toys give a welcome back andy/ Andy ready for another day at camp/ Lewis happy to be back at home now with Belle, Maximus (Tangled), and Spongebob, Tai (Digimon) and Stitch/ Bruno wants to get out/ You've Got a Friend In Me Sung By Cody Maverick

20 End Credits/ Outtakes/ Woody's Roundup at the end credits

Toy Story 3

Woody- Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)

Jessie- Belle

Buzz Lightyear- Hiro Hamada(Disney's Big Hero 6)

Bullseye- Maximus

Mr. Potato Head- Daffy Duck

Mrs. Potato Head- Abby Mallard(2005 Chicken Little)

Squeeze Alien Trio- Spongebob, Stitch, Spot(The Good Dinosaur)

Slinky Dog- Chicken Little (2005)

Hamm- Tulio (Road to el dorado)

Rex- Rex (We're Back A Dinosaur's Story)

Sarge- John Darling (1953 Peter Pan)

Sarge's Men- NEST TEAM, Autobots, and Peter Pan, Michael, and The Lost Boys, Enjorlas and Marius, ABC Cafe.

Barbie-Ariel (the little mermaid)

Lotso- King Triton

Ken- Prince Eric

Ursula (TLM) as stretch

Twitch-Michaelango (TMNT)


Big Baby-Bambi (Young)

Sparks-Chad Charming(Descendants)

Jack In The Box- Bloo (Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends)

Chatter Telephone- Tack (The Thief and The Cobbler)

Bookworm- Kevin (Ed Edd Eddy)

Cymbal Banging Monkey-Buzz (The Replacements)

Chuckles- Ansem The Wise

Sean Anderson As Buttercup

Squidward Tentacles as Mr.PricklePants

Thumbelina(1994) As Trixie

Sabrina (Sabrina The Animated Series and Sabrina's Secret Life) as Dolly

Ben(Descendants), Audrey and Mal(Descendants) as Peas in a Pod

Mike Wasoski as Totoro

Ted Wiggins as Teenage Andy

Wendy Darling as Young Molly

Bonnie's Mom-Ideas

Melody (TLM2 RTTS) as Bonnie

Sid Grown Up-Draco Malfoy


1. Woody and the gang's round up/Flashbacks/ When We're Human(Opening Credits)

2. Andy's Grown Up (Ted Wiggins)/ Following The Leader/John Darling and his men Leave the house

3. College Packing/ Who will Andy Pick to go to College Lewis or Nod(Epic)/ Lewis Recognizes an old enemy/ Lewis's Flashback

4. Hogwarts Express to be boarded to sunnyside and departue

5. Welcome to sunnyside/The Pachyderm Room

6. Lewis leaves/Melody picks a new human toy/Rough Play.

7 Playtime at Bonnie's (Melody's)/Lewis meets new friends

8. Trying to escape sunnyside/ Gambling Den/ Lewis gets help from bonnie's toys

9. King Triton's Offer/ Ash Ketchum to play to demo Mode.

10. I See Andy (Ted)(The Lorax)/ Toys in Jail/ New Rules at sunnyside by Buzz Nod(Epic)

11.Lewis finds the street/ Ansem's Flashback Story

12. Jail Prison/ Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Legend of the lion king Paris)/Destiny

13. Lewis back at sunnyside/ Lewis sees his friends getting hurt and messed up/ Lewis gets advice from a cobbler.

14. Reunited/ Prison Break

15. Prince Eric's Clothes Room/ What happened to Nod(Epic)

16. Freedom/ Spanish Buzz(Spanish Nod)

17. The Escape/ The Dumpster

18. The Dumpster Truck/ The Resuce from the claw

19. Lewis and Friends finally free from the garbage

20. Lewis and friends finally back home and cleaned up

21. Ted Wiggins meets Melody/ Andy (Ted Wiggins) giving his toys to Bonnie (Melody)/ So Long Partner

22. We Belong Together/ Shan yu and the new toys arrive at sunnyside/Hay Un Amigo en Mi

23. End Credits

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