Based on the movie Toy Story.

  • Sonic as Woody
  • Knuckles as Buzz Lightyear
  • Tails as Hamm
  • Scratch as Rex
  • Grounder as Mr. Potato Head
  • Amy as Bo Peep
  • Sally as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Manic as Slinky Dog
  • Little Toot as RC
  • Chris as Andy
  • Helen as Molly
  • Ella as Andy's Mom
  • Eggman as Sid
  • a random eggman woman as Hannah
  • a random giant dog from Sonic SATAM as Skud
  • Robots as Mutant Toys
  • Rouge as Jessie
  • Metal Sonic as Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Catty Carlisle as Bonnie
  • Shadow as Stinky Pete
  • Pikachu as Bullseye
  • Snively as Al
  • Sleet as Losto
  • Dingo as Monkey
  • Coconuts as Chunk
  • Bocoe as Big Baby
  • Decoe as Spark
  • Bokkun as Stretch
  • Cosmo as Trex
  • Silver as Mr. Picklepants
  • Cat as Chuckles
  • Wes Weasley as Buttercup
  • Cheese and Chao as Peas in the Pod
  • Locke as Totoro
  • Tikal as Dolly
  • Robotnik Jr as Chatterbox Phone
  • AOSTH's Clown as Jack in the Box
  • Mephiles as Twitch
  • Jules as Ken
  • Sonia as Barbie

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