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Toy Story - Woody and the Magic Toyland is a Toy Story/Thomas and The Magic Railroad Parody Movie it will come out August 2010 by Polserik.


  • Woody - Thomas
  • Rex - Henry
  • Ham - Gordon
  • Mr. Potato Head - James
  • Buzz Lightyear - Percy
  • Zurg - Diesel 10
  • Sly (from Noddy's Toy Land Adventures)- Splatter
  • Gobbo (from Noddy's Toyland adventures) as Dodge
  • Bo Peep - Lady
  • Bullseye - Toby
  • Thomas from TTTE - Mr. Counductor
  • Gordon from TTTE - Billy Twofears
  • Duck from TTTE - Patch
  • and more


  • Zurg: Hello Blue Tank Engine Rember Me Faster How You are Looking [Evil Laugh] Well I'll You Fogot to Bring This Should I'll Carless Some Say Hello to Red Claw [Evil Laugh] Ok Blue Tank Engine I Know About The Star Balls.
  • Thomas: That's What i Saw in My Dream It's Coming True My Universe is Starting To Crumbel
  • Zurg: And When i Find That Toy' You and all Those Child's Playthings Will Be History! So Tell Me Where The Star Balls are Now! You Got 10 Seconds 10 9 8 Thomas: laughing Zurg: Coutinues Couting backwards
  • 7 6 5 4 3 2 Thomas: Too Late Zurg! Zurg: Arggh! Thomas Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! {Grunting}

Sly: Eh So Boss?

Gobbo: Uh How Come You Let Blue Tank Engine Escape?

Slobbo: Yeah

Zurg: Oh That Well I Did it On Purpose you Know i Was Testing to see if He Could Escape

Sly: Liar Liar

Gobbo: Pants on Fire

Sly: Does He Wear Pants

Gobbo: No Training Pants

Zurg: All Right! Playtimes Over Slobbo

Slobbo: Uh Oh!

Zurg: Now It's Time For The Next Lesson Huh? I Call It How to Stop Being Stupid

[Evil Laugh]

Water Poors Down Zurgs Head

Mr Potato Head: HEHEHEHEHE


Zurg: Now That's Gonna Ruin My FaceSheild

Slobbo: Oh!

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